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Archive | January, 2012

Exmouth – Western Australia, Australia

Cape Range National Park - Exmouth - Western Australia

What is Exmouth Like? Exmouth is small, hot, isolated but beautiful. Exmouth is a small town located 1,270 kilometres (789 mi) North of Perth on the North West Cape in Western Australia. To get to Exmouth from Sydney, you must fly to Perth first. Depending on how your flights are scheduled you may have to [...]

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Delta Force Paintball Review – Sydney, Australia

Delta Force Paintball Review - Sydney, Australia

The Delta Force Team I can’t speak for all of them but on the day that we were there, we had an excellent team. All of the marshals and employees that I encountered were very approachable, friendly and more then happy to help out. I really feel they wen the extra mile to make sure [...]

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Weekend Photo – Butterfly – Perth, Western Australia

Red and Black Butterfly - Perth, Western, Australia
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Friday Quickie – Lord Arch Gorge Beach – Port Campbell National Park

There are so many incredible locations along The Great Ocean Road it’s hard to stop and off and enjoy all of this in a short two or three day period. I could have easily spent a day at each location in Port Campbell and took photos and video. Lord Arch Gorge Beach This beach was [...]

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How to Add Pinterest Button to Sharebar - Wordpress

How to Add Pinterest Button to Sharebar for WordPress

How to Add Pinterest Button to Sharebar - Wordpress

I recently opened an Account with Pinterest and immediately I wanted to add a Pinterest button to my Sharebar. But how? It’s very easy. All you have to do is add a small chunk of code to your Sharebar settings. Add New Button and Enter this Code into both the Big and Small Button Fields: [...]

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Afraid to Fly? Don’t Worry About It!

OMG Face!

I know that when I’m on board a commercial jet that I am participating in one of the world’s safest thing, that we mere mortals can possibly do. Flying. The word alone send shivers down the spine of many. Maybe you are one of the many that have Pteromerhanophobia which is the fear of flying. [...]

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Royal National Park Coastal Walk – Photo Essay

Welcome to Sydney Australia!

Take a stroll along some of Australia’s beautiful coastline. If you made it down to the Royal National Park, be sure to continue your adventure along Lady Lakehurst Drive a little further to Stanwell Park. Get ready for a nice trek and some incredible views of the New South Wales coastline. View Larger Map

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Garie Beach, Royal National Park – Sydney, New South Wales

Garie Beach Surf Life Saving Club - Royal National Park - Australia

If you’ve been to Sydney before, or have seen all of the ‘Must See’s’ in Sydney. Such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and the Skywalk at the Sydney Tower. Just to name a few. Maybe you just want to get away from the Sydney CBD Concrete Jungle for a little [...]

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Weekend Photo: Baby Cow – Middle of Nowhere, New Zealand

Close up Photo of a Baby Cow

I saw this little fella some where in New Zealand, I don’t remember where. I just had to stop and take a few photos of the little guy. Probably the Cutest thing that I ever did see!

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Friday Quickie – Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

While we were snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef just outside of the Whitsundays, I saw the SCUBA Divers around 10 feet or sol below us. I thought the bubbles looked cool so I swam over to them to take a look. I thought it might make for some decent footage so I videoed.(GoPro Hero 1). [...]

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2011 is For…

Zorbing in Vanuatu - Who Knew Big Balls could be so Much Fun?

Z is for Zorbing in Vanuatu. Who Knew Rolling down a Hill in Big Balls could be so Much Fun? Y is Yasur Volcano. An experience of a lifetime. X is for No X-rays this year. That’s Always a Very Good Thing. W is for Wife. I get to Travel Around the World with My [...]

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Daytona Bike Week 2011 – Photo Essay

Welcome to Bike Week 2011 -Daytona Beach, Florida

Hogs, Hogs, Hogs and More Hogs We were in Florida for some jumping, but due to a weather hold we were unable to jump. So, what do you do when you can’t jump? You head to Daytona Beach. We just happen to be there during Bike Week it was not planned. It did however make [...]

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Hunter Valley Wine Tour

The Gray Day Begins at the Train Station

Hunter Valley Wine Tour Photo Essay If you’re in Sydney or plan on traveling to Sydney then take a hike or better yet, take a Wine Tour up to Hunter Valley. It’s only a 2 Hour Drive North of Sydney. I’m not really a big Wine drinker but I did enjoy the Wine Tour and [...]

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Weekend Photo: Beer Crates – Corner Bottle Shop – New Zealand

How to Carry Your Beer around in New Zealand

Kiwis Know how to Drink and Haul their Beer! If you have ever seen the excellent (yet disturbingly difficult to watch) movie Once were Warriors then you would have seen these wooden crates in action. These bad boys are the only way to lug you beer around. Who needs paper bags when you have a [...]

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Friday Quickie – GoPro Whale Sharks – Exmouth, Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef Here is a short unedited clip from our dive with the great Whale Sharks of Ningaloo Reef. This was my very first encounter with a Whale Shark. It was totaly amazing and I loved every minute of it. We dove with 3 Islands Whale Shark Dive – Ningaloo. Which are located in Exmouth, [...]

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Creating a Book in Indesign CS5 – Part 1 – How to Add Images and Text

Adobe InDesign CS5 - Icon

How do you Create an eBook with Indesign? Despite what you may initially think. Indesign CS5 is actually very was to use. Don’t be intimated by the overwhelming plethora of buttons, icons and menus. It really isn’t that hard. I’m going to show you how to make an eBook with Adobe Indesign CS5 – The [...]

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Nevis High Wire Bungy Jump – Queenstown, New Zealand

Nevis High Wire Bungy Jump - Queenstown, New Zealand

The Nevis High Wire Bungee in Queenstown, New Zealand is the Adventure Capital of the World. People from all around the planet come to New Zealand to play in their gigantic and beautiful back yard. You can Skydive, Climb Glaciers, Hike and go White Water Rafting. Just to name a few. Although the highlight for [...]

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How to Make Money with Travel Photography

Making Money with my Selling my Travel Photography

One of the Best Way to Make Money Traveling Is selling your Travel Photography. Not only is it easy but once it’s out there, it’s out there. I have been doing this with Dreamstime for quite some time now. You can make some decent money with it as well. I’ve seen a lot absolutely incredible [...]

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