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My Chicago Must Do List

Da Bears!

With Chicago just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing my list of must-do’s for ChiTown. So, here it is ranked from lowest to highest:

Must Do Chicago Activities

  • #5: Try the Best Pizza that Chicago has to Offer
  • #4: Visit and Photograph Chicago’s Cloud Gate (The Jelly Bean)
  • #3: The John Hancock Observatory
  • #2: Walk on the Sky Deck on Willis Tower – formerly known as Sears Tower
  • #1: Wiener’s Circle

#5: Try the Best Pizza that Chicago has to Offer

I’ve had pizza when I was last in New York and I loved it! As many know, there is a huge pizza rivalry between Chicago and New York – which metropolis has better pizza? It’s time to put New York Pizza to the test. Can Chicago pizza live up to the hype?

Do you know where the best Pizza in Chicago is? Let me know and I’ll try to check it out.

#4: Visit and Photograph Chicago’s Cloud Gate (The Jelly Bean)

No visit to Chicago would be complete without a stop at Millennium Park and a visit to Cloud Gate or ‘The Jelly Bean‘. I remember seeing this as a child and have always been fascinated by it, don’t know why – but I will definitely be stopping here.

#3:The John Hancock Observatory

I love engineering, architecture and tall buildings and the John Hancock Tower is one of my favorite buildings. I’ve seen it so many times in photographs, and movies and just can’t wait to start taking some photos of this monster. I love the shape of it, the size of it and I especially love the color of it. I think the design is way ahead of it’s time. I especially love the two antennas at the top of the tower.

#2: Walk on the Sky Deck on Willis Tower – formerly known as Sears Tower

My love for incredible buildings doesn’t stop at the John Hancock Tower. Take a look at these Twin Towers. I have made it a personal goal of mine to visit some of the most amazing and tallest buildings on the planet. That’s where the might Willis Tower steps in. I still call it Sears Tower because Willis Tower just sounds lame to me. At any rate, I will be visiting the Sears Tower and hopefully check out the Sky Deck and looking forward to Walking on Air.

#1: Wiener’s Circle

I’m not big on TV and do not watch much, but I recently discovered some really good Junk-Food-for-the-Brain television. It’s called Wiener’s Circle – you can find it on TruTV.

Weiner’s Circle is the place to go if you are into explicit and vulgar Black, Ghetto Comedy. Which I know, isn’t for everybody, but it cracks me up. I really want to win a Wiener’s Circle T-Shirt and will wear it proudly when I get one!

Have you been to Chicago? What activities do you recommend?

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2 Responses to My Chicago Must Do List

  1. Ginger Allen April 11, 2012 at 7:11 am #

    I have never been to Chicago but my elementary friends live there and I might visit them on June. Nice roundup of activities. I might add them on my list as well. Thanks! I am so excited!

    • Cal April 13, 2012 at 4:17 am #

      Thanks, I appreciate it!

      I’ve managed to knock most of them off so far. It’s supposed to start raining though, so that has made things a bit of a downer – hopefully it will hold off.


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