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The Wieners Circle Chicago, Illinois

The Wieners Circle Lincoln Park Chicago

The Wieners Circle in Lincoln Park, Chicago - Awesome!

Welcome to The Wieners Circle MuthaF****!
Whatchu Want?

The Wieners Circle, Lincoln Park, Chicago

During my recent trip to Chicago, there was one place that was clearly on my radar and one that I just had to go to no matter what. Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven’t.

It’s called:

The Wieners Circle

Home of the Char-Broiled Cheddarburger

The Wieners Circle is a small and albeit some what trashy, but Famous Hot Dog Stand in Lincoln Park, Chicago. But, that’s what makes it so great!

This hole in the wall Hot Dog Stand has been around for over 26 years and is owned by a couple of old white guys, Barry Nemerow and Larry Gold. Which is quite ironic because most, if not all of the staff are black.

It is well known in Lincoln Park and the rest of Chicago for it’s famous Char-Broiled Cheddarburger and of course it’s %100 Authentic Vienna Beef Chicago Dogs.

Of course, I don’t eat meat so I was likely to be lynched.

TruTV Reality TV Game/TV Show

The Wieners Circle has recently been put in the spotlight thanks to it’s new Reality TV program, quite appropriately called ‘The Wieners Circle‘. You can watch it on TruTV on Tuesdays at 9PM.

It’s like Skydiving. Everybody should try it at least once in their life.

It has also been featured on The Travel Channels, Extreme Restaurants where it was featured for its unfriendly customer service and the explicit banter with it’s patrons. Which is slung mutually back and forth, I might add.

If you’re lucky on your homage to The Wieners Circle you might see the restaurants manager Roberta “Poochie” Jackson or maybe even Erika doing her Booty Walk.

Unfortunately for me, I Did Not!

The Wieners Circle Chicago, at Night

The Wieners Circle - GoPro Style! Why? Because it was Raining - it's WaterProof - Yo.

Inside The Wieners Circle Chicago

One Working Hard and the Other Hardly Working

Waiting at The Wieners Circle, Chicago, Lincoln Park, Illinois, USA

I Wasn't Quite Sure what to Expect at The Wieners Circle

Waiting to Devour My Cheddar Cheese Fries at The Wieners Circle, Chicago

I Couldn't Wait to Eat These Things!

The Wieners Circle, Lincoln Park, Chicago

More Customers Showed Up as the Night Progressed

While I was there, which was around 1AM or so, it was actually quite quiet. There were only a few others there enjoying their Hot Dogs. It wasn’t anything like what I saw on TV – damn. I was a little bummed out about that, but I still had a good time regardless.

I still managed to get insulted, sworn at and have plenty of laughs. Awesome!

Close to when we left – things Started to get Nasty.

A couple of guys who were totally wasted walked in and really started to abuse the chick behind the counter. It was pretty intense to say the least.

It was obvious that it was just being malicious, derogatory and insulting. There’s saying things and then there’s saying things. It wasn’t just light hearted trash talking – this was real.

You know what I mean? It’s all in how you say and deliver it.

He was really saying some mean stuff and I actually felt bad for the girl and the rest. It’s supposed to be fun folks, let’s keep it that way!

Don’t go in there lit off your ass, drunk as hell and start abusing people – it’s not like that. Don’t ruin it.

Regardless of that event, the show is a blast. If you haven’t seen it already – watch it. It’s laughs.

Things Can Get out of Hand

Obviously, don’t be a fool and take things too far, as it sometimes does. Don’t be an ignorant moron and start dropping the ‘NBomb.

This is all about good natured fun. Show these guys some respect, they’re out there making your food, working hard and earning an honest dollar. There is nothing wrong with that.

Probably a decent living too!

How’s the Food?

Cheddar Fries at The Wieners Circle, Chicago

I'm Waiting Patiently to get Clowned On, and Oh Yeah, to Pay for my Cheddar Fries

I’m not even gonna lie, the food is excellent! I know you wouldn’t expect that from such a joint, but it’s true. Just read up on the hundreds of Yelp reviews stating so. Here is an iPhone photo of my meal.

The Wieners Circle Chicago - Char-Veggie Burger and Cheddar Fries

Oh Yeah, I'm 'bout to Handle This! Even the Pickles were Bomb!

As you can see I had the Cheddar Fries and a Char-Veggie Burger.

I know, I know.


Veggie Burger? Are you serious?

Yes, I am serious.

I don’t eat meat and yes I know, it is almost sacrilegious to go into The Wieners Circle, let alone Chicago and not eat meat or have an Authentic Chicago Dog.

I know, I get it.

I’m sure that if Poochie was there, I would have never heard the end of it it. In fact, she probably wouldn’t even let me eat! I’m certain that I would have been laughed at all the way back to California while they sit there banging their metal lids everywhere and Throwing Straws and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs at me as I ran out the door.

That would have been awesome!

Back to the food.

The Cheddar Fries were huge and they were awesome! I loved them and couldn’t stop eating them. Thick cheddar was literally drenched all over the top of them and profusely splattering onto my wax paper dinner plate.

At first.

After about a third of the way through them I didn’t like them as much anymore, but knowing I couldn’t get these things anywhere else on the planet – I persevered on, the battle was big, soldiers were lost, tears were shed.

And I still conquered the Mountain of Cheddar Cheese Fries.

The cheese is super thick, I mean really, really thick and the fries could have used some more salt or seasoning on them – they were a bit plain.

I was mildly disappointed with the Cheddar Cheese Fries.

I would of loved to have had jalepenos on top of the cheese. That would have been the best!

I hadn’t touched my Char-Veggie Burger as I was saving the best for last. My mouth was still in love with the Cheddar Fries. After I started to demolish the Cheddar Fries I started to feel a little disappointment in the food department.

Nooo!!!! Had I come all this way, traveled many thousands of miles, only to be let down my the famous Wieners Circle?

Sure, I was being entertained by the drunk blonde chick behind me who offered twenty bucks to see my wiener, but I really wanted my taste buds to be whooped into oblivion.

My Wiener could wait later.

That all changed after I opened my mouth and began absorbing down on this Char-Veggie Mouth Masterpiece of a Burger.

The Char-Veggie Burger Redemption had begun!

Char-Veggie Burger!?

I Think she Likes Me at The Wieners Circle, Chicago

I Think She Likes Me - I'm Pretty Sure.

I might even go as far as to say that this Veggie Burger was even better then the Black bean Chipotle Burger with the infamous Chicago Pretzel Bun that I ate only a few days earlier at Michael Diversey’s.

This was da bomb!

This was beyond good. This was Char-Veggie Burger Redemption in The Chi. Oh yeah, I finally got a taste of ChiTown, without the meat. Suffice to say, I handled that Veggie Burger like there was no tomorrow. Even though I was stuffed like a potato, I wanted more, more, more! I was hooked.

It was hard to resist the temptation of getting verbally abused again and ordering another delightful Char-Veggie Burger. I wanted another one.

Maybe if I got it to go?

It’s that good!

I loved it and you will too – highly recommended.

The Chicago Minority

If you find yourself in Chicago and your one of the few that do not consume meat, which is a very awkward and sometimes even scary situation in Chicago then go do yourself a favor and give your mouth a meat free alternative and try the Char-Veggie Burger at The Wieners Circle. It is beyond delicious and I promise you – you won’t be disappointed.

Hangover Food

Is You Crazy!  The Wieners Circle Chicago

Is You Crazy! I'm Pretty Sure he doesn't like Me - I'm Pretty Sure.

Sure, it’s fatty. Sure, it’s greasy. Sure it’s bad for you, but that’s what it’s there for.

If you’ve just spent a night out drinking on the town then whats a few more calories to top things off? It doesn’t matter at this stage, you’ve already drank enough for a weeks worth of calories.

Indulge your taste buds and your tummy just this one more time before the night is over.

Finish that last Beer or Gin and Tonic and head over to The Wieners Circle, Say “What Up!” to the girls, order some grub, fill up that belly, have some laughs and then hit the hay.

A great end to an authentic night out in Chicago.

How Much?

I ordered the Cheddar Fries for $3.60 and the Char-Veggie Burger for $4.75 which brings us to $8.35 I also tipped $1.50. That’s a total of $9.85. Just under ten bucks for a good meal with free entertainment.

Don’t forget tax!

All up it was around 12 bucks or so.

Free Wieners Circle T-Shirt!

If you’re lucky enough to be at The Wieners Circle when Poochie, Erika and the rest of the crew are there and you’re crazy enough – you may be able to win a free T-Shirt.

That’s right.

Nothing better then having a free Wieners Circle T-Shirt to rock when you get back home. I didn’t get a chance to win one though, which sucks. I know that I would of though. I would have shown Erika the Best Booty Walk that she ever did see!

They do sell Wieners Circle T-Shirts for $14.00 just incase you don’t feel like playing Wiener Kombat or droppin’ ya drawers for a chance to win a free shirt.

If you want one that bad and may never come back then get one – I regret not buying one when I had the chance.

Chocolate Milkshake

This is probably the best Chocolate Milkshake you will ever have. If you tip Poochie $20 dollars or gather enough people up to tip Poochie $20 she’ll give you a Chocolate Milkshake.

Now, be forewarned, this isn’t your typical Chocolate Milkshake that you drink. Although, after some thought, it might be possible to drink this Milkshake.

This Milkshake is a Large Double type of Shake and it comes in a different type of cup.

It actually comes in two cups.

Wieners Circle Tip!

When to Go?

Go late at night and go Drunk – it’s more fun and more laughs. Don’t be shy and join in with the crowd on all the action.

It can get loud and it can get rowdy so if you are the shy introverted type, it’s probably best to go somewhere else.

You’ll see and be a part of a lot of yelling and swearing bouncing back and forth between the crew and the customers. You Might see some Straws, Ketchup or Hot Dogs being flung around. That’s what it’s all about!

BONUS – Wieners Circle Tip

Tip when at The Wieners Circle, Chicago

Don't be Cheap! Tip a MuthaF**** - it brings Smiles to MuthaF**** Faces!


No, really.


If you don’t tip you’re gonna get clowned on as I did.

And yes, I tipped.

And still got clowned on.

Loved every minute of it.

Cool, sounds like fun? Where is it?

Where At?

The Wieners Circle
2622 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 477-7444

Watch The Wieners Circle on TruTV on Tuesdays at 9PM.

Lonely Planet Chicago Encounter

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